Studio of Eden is founded by Sebastiaan Dillmann as his playground to create beautiful products that can contribute to a sustainable society. Products that are in harmony with the world we live in. The current way of producing has not proven durable. This dispassionate production leads to an ecological crisis and depletion of our planet. My goal is to create products that make a social contribution to the recovery of the harmony between production and consumption. A product is successful for me if it is durable in construction, materials and design. The timeless shape and function of my design will continue to inspire the user.
Studio of Eden is born from my pleasure to be creative and the passion to create beautiful things. The design and implementation of my products is associated with much joy and craftsmanship; This is the soul of Studio of Eden. I see it as a great honor to be able to do what I love, every day.

My childhood dream was to become an inventor. Later in life, the term inventor soon turned into designer. After finishing my studies as an architect, I started developing my first collection called Eden. Now that I've realized my initial concept Eden I will continue to develop much more products. Below are some of the concepts that I'm working on. Both now and for the future.

Magicians have always drawn my attention. After I have seen a magic show where the illusionist seemed like he could float, I was so charmed of this illusion that I wanted to translate this of a piece of furniture that looked like it defines the law of gravity. In the picture you can see a miniature prototype of the design of the Gravity table of 2 meters long,